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South Park District

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Avida Land Corp. brings you South Park District—its first large scale, mixed-use, masterplanned development featuring residential and retail areas anchored on a central park.

The Central Park

At 6.6 hectares, South Park District fulfills that need to have wide open spaces where one can sit back, stroll around and relish nature. Its main feature is the three-part central park, almost a hectare in size. Fronting National Road is the Plaza, an ideal venue for weekend markets and community events. Across the residential towers is the more private residential park, and at the center of it is the Grand Lawn, a sunken garden lined with shrubbery and canopy trees to go with that laid-back, Southern lifestyle.

The Plaza

Across South Park Mall is the plaza where residents and visitors can converge and enjoy the scenery.

It is the ideal venue for weekend markets, bazaars and other community events. The area is decorated with shrubbery and palm trees, as well as a water feature that brings life to the place.

The Grand Lawn

The Grand Lawn serves as the centerpiece of South Park District. Lined with shrubbery and lush canopy trees that provide shade, it is the ideal place for play, sunning and relaxation. Sit by the benches and enjoy the greenery and playful structures. Designed as a sunken garden, the Grand Lawn also optimizes rain collection through a subsurface reservoir. Rain would flow into the floodwater detention tank, keeping the development flood-free.

A Place for Convergence

South Park District conveniently integrates residential, retail and business clusters, creating a vibrant sense of community. Its main components include Avida Towers Altura and South Park Mall (to be operated by Ayala Malls), South Park Corporate Center, and a transport terminal within the development.

South Park Mall

South Park Mall will offer the best of retail, dining, 24/7 and entertainment concepts, four (4) cinemas, food court, supermarket and department store – all these offer rewarding experiences through value-for-money shopping, engaging mall activities and events set in a fun and festive environment.

South Park Mall will open next to the residential developments and will be managed by Ayala Malls. It’s been thoughtfully designed to reflect the feel of the entire development.

Mature mango trees beside the mall have been preserved in keeping with Ayala Land’s commitment to the environment.

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